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Inspiring excellence in design

The LAGUNA FARO SUITES arose from Patricia Urquiola's desire to capture the many details of natural beauty of the lagoon and reflect them in the interior design. The designer got her inspiration from observing the picturesque landscape surrounding the hotel.

The choice of colours draws on the intricate system of islands and natural channels of the Grado Lagoon – precisely, the places where seawater meets land and earthy tones meet light blues and bright greens. The design harmony is perfected through the use of materials such as rope, straw, reed and wood – elements that can be found in the traditional buildings, the "Casoni" once inhabited by fishermen.

Patricia Urquiola managed to realise her vision through the perfect balance of material and colour. She created the extraordinary experience of a hotel that blends calmly and impressively into its surroundings. A hotel that combines incomparable views of the hypnotic magic of the sea with bespoke luxury.

About Patricia Urquiola

With the design hotel LAGUNA FARO SUITES, the world-famous architect Patricia Urquiola answers the question of what modern luxury should look like. Patricia Urquiola is one of the most influential people in the hotel design world. She revolutionised the "Made in Italy" style of living, has received multiple awards and is named on the list of the 100 most important designers by the magazine "AD - Architectural Digest" year after year.

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